Live Lessons and Presentations

Since 1992, I have traveled to approximately 35 countries to speak with percussion students and teachers of all ages and skill levels. Throughout this time and across cultures, one theme is constant: a strong desire to learn and exchange ideas. While air travel has made single engagements much easier to facilitate, repeated engagements are costly and limited by time.

Now that technology has advanced, the medium of live (synchronous) online lessons is quickly becoming a highly effective means to interact with musicians around the world. It is especially useful in reaching those in underserved or remote areas who may not have access to quality instruction – and synchronous lessons allow for immediate information and feedback tailored to each participant

To arrange a lesson or presentation, please choose from the options listed below. Events are scheduled at times of mutual availability, and participants should expect to receive initial contact within 48 hours upon receipt of purchase.


I have used many online meeting platforms and believe Skype to be the most reliable. Because it is uncomplicated, offers a “share screen” option and free when calling other Skype users, it’s the software I prefer for lessons and presentations.

Download Skype


To arrange an online lesson or presentation, please choose from the options below. Group lessons may have up to 3 students. For lessons longer than 60 minutes please use the contact form.


Various presentations can be used to supplement instruction. A presentation may be a rehearsal, master class or clinic on a variety of topics. The content will be tailored to the needs of the audience.

Because topics, audience skill level and duration vary, presentations are scheduled through the Contact Page. In the message field please be sure to include the type of presentation requested, topic, duration and suggested times. You will receive a reply that details scheduling and payment information.

Basic System Requirements

Though I have invested considerable resources to provide provide content in HD video and audio, the quality of online engagement is largely dependent upon bandwidth and the technology of all participants. To insure the best possible outcome I recommend the following:


  • Access to a Windows or Macintosh computer with at least 2 GB of RAM and access to a fast and reliable broadband internet connection (e.g., cable, DSL).
  • A larger screen for better visibility of content. Larger audiences will appreciate viewing a large monitor/TV or smart board.
  • A playback system that will allow the participant to hear feedback while playing musical instruments. If built-in speakers do not suffice, an external speaker system or headset should be used. Larger audiences will benefit from the amplification of an external speaker system.
  • Built-in microphones are usually sufficient, but a better experience is enjoyed with a simple USB microphone or a more advanced set-up that incorporates microphones and a mixer.
  • An LAN line will reduce the risk of an interruption and likely result in a better online experience than a wireless connection. That said, many institutions have robust wireless systems that rival LAN connections.


  • A browser and operating system that are listed compatible or certified with Skype.
  • If using a firewall, make sure it is not blocking access to Skype.
  • While not required for lessons, other software used at times may include Acrobat Reader, Flash, Java, Windows Media Player, and QuickTime. Your computer should be capable of running current versions of these applications.
  • Make sure your computer is protected from viruses by running the latest version of your Anti-Virus software.

Scheduling Policy

  • Events are paid in advance.
  • Once scheduled, an event cannot be changed without 48 hours notice.
  • Participants should be online and available 5 minutes before the event to test the connection and insure everything is working properly.
  • Events missed or canceled by the participant or their representative without at least 48 hours notice are non-refundable.